Open long term voluntary projects

Disclaimer: Please note that some organisations do not send volunteers to all projects listed on this web page. Contact your local organisation to get a list of the volunteering positions for which you may apply.

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CountryNameType HelpInfo
TanzaniaUpendo-Kwanza Day CareAWG
TanzaniaDevelopment educationAWG
UgandaKawempe Youth Development Association UPA/MLTV/18AWG
NigeriaModupe Cole Child Care CentreAWG
NigeriaCompensatory Centre & Placement HomesAWG
UgandaUganda Martyrs Hospital Lubaga UPA/MLTV/02AWG
NigeriaLittle Children CentreAWG
UgandaStep by Step Primary School UPA/MLTV/06AWG
UgandaSt. Bernard Royal Nursery & Primary UPA/MLTV/08AWG
GhanaTutu Trinity HomeAWG
UgandaSustainable Youth Development Foundation MLTV/25AWG
KenyaCommunity Health Education, KiburangaAWG
UgandaAngels Centre for children with spec needs MLTV/11AWG
TanzaniaTeaching French/Spanish languageAWG
TanzaniaSports for Community ActionAWG
TogoAssistance Teacher of Primary and Secondary SchoolAWG
TogoSupport to Radio Plan├ĘteAWG
TogoSupporting orphanage staffAWG
UgandaUprise Foundation UPA/MLTV/19AWG
TanzaniaMathematics teachingAWG
UgandaChristian Children's Centre Uganda UPA/MLTV/24AWG
TanzaniaReading cultureAWG
UgandaUG Youth&Women's Effort Fighting AIDS UPA/MLTV/22AWG
NigeriaAgbowa Ikosi Community Farm ProjectsAWG
NigeriaEruwa Farm Agricultural ProjectsAWG
UgandaVictorious Children's Ministries UPA/MLTV/15AWG
NigeriaCompassionate Children Welfare CentreAWG
UgandaKLA school for the physic handicapped UPA/MLTV/10AWG
UgandaMuyonjo Senior School UPA/MLTV/09AWG
KenyaKiburanga, Teaching Long term volunteeringAWG
UgandaGalilee Community General Hospital UPA/MLTV/01AWG
GhanaPrimary school teaching in KordiabeAWG
UgandaDorna Centre UPA/MLTV/12 AWG
TogoSupport to ASTOVOT coordination staffAWG
TanzaniaWomen's empowermentAWG
TogoSupport to Health Centers StaffAWG
TanzaniaChildhood educationAWG
TogoGardening and Environmental education projectsAWG
UgandaUganda Sickle Cell Rescue Foundation UPA/MLTV/20AWG
TanzaniaAdult educationAWG
TanzaniaPre & Primary EducationAWG
UgandaSweethome babies day care and nursery UPA/MLTV/04AWG
UgandaTrust Future Uganda UPA/MLTV/23AWG
NigeriaIjamido Children & Motherless HomesAWG
NigeriaChildren Rehabilitation Centre - Orphanage HomeAWG
UgandaKiyita Family Alliance for Development UPA/MLTV/17AWG
UgandaSave Street Children Uganda UPA/MLTV/16AWG
NigeriaAlba Home School Center for Children, IbadanAWG
UgandaMengo Youth Development Link UPA/MLTV/13AWG
KenyaEnvironmental conservation and farming, KiburangaAWG
UgandaGolden Hearts Kindergarten UPA/MLTV/05 AWG
GhanaAcropolis SchoolAWG
UgandaAnother Hope Children's Ministry UPA/MLTV/14AWG
TogoSocial and educational activities with childrenAWG
TogoSupport to Libraries StaffAWG
TogoMobile LibraryAWG
TanzaniaEnglish language teachingAWG
UgandaFaith Memorial Medical Centre UPA/MLTV/03AWG
UgandaAssend Youth Development Foundation UPA/MLTV/21AWG
GermanyGerman-French Kindergarten in MagdeburgEVS
Great BritainSimeon Care for the ElderlyLTEG
Great BritainLoch Arthur Camphill CommunityLTEG
USALower Nine VFP-MTV04-15LTEG
EcuadorTeaching and Social Care ProjectsLTEG
IndonesiaBorobudur WHV The 25th year listed in UNESCO WHLLTEG
RussiaChinese assistantLTEG
EcuadorSelva y VidaLTEG
ThailandWithee Tai communityLTEG
ThailandKok Payom (fishermen village)LTEG
USAThe Lukas CommunityLTEG
Sri LankaHouse of Light - Boy's HomeLTEG
Great BritainEarth ConnectionsLTEG
Great BritainCamphill School AberdeenLTEG
USADismas Burlington VFP-MTV01-15LTEG
Great BritainCamphill Village Trust, Newton Dee VillageLTEG
JapanNICE-AVS/17-2 Mashiko 17-2LTEG
ThailandTa Yang Learning HomeLTEG
EcuadorAnimal Shelter and zoo LTEG
JapanNICE-LW-IW17-1 Iwaki 17-1LTEG
USAInnisfree VillageLTEG
USAStanton Home LTEG
Great BritainThe Edinburgh CyreniansLTEG
Great BritainTigh a'Chomainn CamphillLTEG
Sri LankaMother Theresa's home (Daya Niwasa)LTEG
ThailandKoh NangkhamLTEG
Great BritainCorbenic Camphill CommunityLTEG
USADismas Winooski VFP-MTV02-15LTEG
EcuadorSpecial Need Schools LTEG
ThailandBaan Kok Riang, non chemical agricultureLTEG
ThailandKoh Sukorn LTEG
EcuadorAnimal shelterLTEG
JapanNICE-LW-KU17-1 Kurogi17-1LTEG
USALeander HouseLTEG
Sri LankaBlue Rose Special SchoolLTEG
Sri LankaPeace Center-MuturLTEG
TaiwanOld house but new hope in XilouLTEG
Great BritainCamphill Botton LTEG

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