Open long term voluntary projects

Disclaimer: Please note that some organisations do not send volunteers to all projects listed on this web page. Contact your local organisation to get a list of the volunteering positions for which you may apply.

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CountryNameType HelpInfo
KenyaCommunity Health Education, KiburangaAWG
UgandaStep by Step Primary School UPA/MLTV/06AWG
TanzaniaTeaching French/Spanish languageAWG
UgandaSt. Bernard Royal Nursery & Primary UPA/MLTV/08AWG
TogoAssistance Teacher of Primary and Secondary SchoolAWG
UgandaSustainable Youth Development Foundation MLTV/25AWG
UgandaAngels Centre for children with spec needs MLTV/11AWG
TanzaniaWomen's empowermentAWG
TogoGardening and Environmental education projectsAWG
UgandaUganda Sickle Cell Rescue Foundation UPA/MLTV/20AWG
TogoSupport to Health Centers StaffAWG
NigeriaIjamido Children & Motherless HomesAWG
TanzaniaChildhood educationAWG
TanzaniaDevelopment educationAWG
TanzaniaPre & Primary Education supportAWG
NigeriaChildren Rehabilitation Centre - Orphanage HomeAWG
NigeriaAlba Home School Center for Children, IbadanAWG
UgandaUG Youth&Women's Effort Fighting AIDS UPA/MLTV/22AWG
TanzaniaChildcare and educationAWG
KenyaKiburanga, Teaching Long term volunteeringAWG
UgandaVictorious Children's Ministries UPA/MLTV/15AWG
GhanaPrimary school teaching in KordiabeAWG
UgandaKLA school for the physic handicapped UPA/MLTV/10AWG
TogoSupport to ASTOVOT coordination staffAWG
UgandaMuyonjo Senior School UPA/MLTV/09AWG
UgandaGalilee Community General Hospital UPA/MLTV/01AWG
UgandaDorna Centre UPA/MLTV/12 AWG
TogoMobile LibraryAWG
UgandaFaith Memorial Medical Centre UPA/MLTV/03AWG
NigeriaModupe Cole Child Care CentreAWG
TogoSupport to Libraries StaffAWG
UgandaAssend Youth Development Foundation UPA/MLTV/21AWG
NigeriaCompensatory Centre & Placement HomesAWG
TanzaniaEnglish language teachingAWG
UgandaSweethome babies day care and nursery UPA/MLTV/04AWG
TanzaniaUpendo-Kwanza Day CareAWG
NigeriaLittle Children CentreAWG
GhanaPrimary teaching in NpakadanAWG
UgandaTrust Future Uganda UPA/MLTV/23AWG
KenyaEnvironmental conservation and farming, KiburangaAWG
UgandaKiyita Family Alliance for Development UPA/MLTV/17AWG
GhanaAcropolis SchoolAWG
UgandaSave Street Children Uganda UPA/MLTV/16AWG
TogoSocial and educational activities with childrenAWG
UgandaMengo Youth Development Link UPA/MLTV/13AWG
UgandaGolden Hearts Kindergarten UPA/MLTV/05 AWG
UgandaAnother Hope Children's Ministry UPA/MLTV/14AWG
TogoSupporting orphanage staffAWG
UgandaUprise Foundation UPA/MLTV/19AWG
NigeriaAgbowa Ikosi Community Farm ProjectsAWG
TogoSupport to Radio Plan├ĘteAWG
UgandaChristian Children's Centre Uganda UPA/MLTV/24AWG
NigeriaEruwa Farm Agricultural ProjectsAWG
TanzaniaMathematics teachingAWG
NigeriaCompassionate Children Welfare CentreAWG
UgandaKawempe Youth Development Association UPA/MLTV/18AWG
TanzaniaChildren with special needsAWG
GhanaTutu Trinity HomeAWG
UgandaUganda Martyrs Hospital Lubaga UPA/MLTV/02AWG
RussiaEducational project for kids EVS-NF
Great BritainTiphereth CamphillLTEG
TaiwanOld house but new hope in XilouLTEG
USAHigh Spirit Community Farm LTEG
RussiaChinese assistantLTEG
EcuadorSelva y VidaLTEG
Sri LankaBlue Rose Special SchoolLTEG
TaiwanOld house but new hope in XilouLTEG
Great BritainEarth ConnectionsLTEG
Great BritainLoch Arthur Camphill CommunityLTEG
IrelandGrangebeg Camphilll CommunityLTEG
Great BritainCorbenic Camphill CommunityLTEG
USADismas Winooski VFP-MTV02-15LTEG
EcuadorSpecial Need Schools LTEG
RussiaAssistant to a teacher in the German centerLTEG
ThailandTa Yang Learning HomeLTEG
ThailandKoh Sukorn LTEG
ThailandKok Payom (fishermen village)LTEG
USAInnisfree VillageLTEG
EcuadorAnimal Shelter and zoo LTEG
ThailandWithee Tai communityLTEG
Great BritainThe Edinburgh CyreniansLTEG
ThailandKoh NangkhamLTEG
Sri LankaMother Theresa's home (Daya Niwasa)LTEG
Great BritainIndependent Living AlternativesLTEG
TaiwanOld house but new hope in XilouLTEG
Great BritainSimeon Care for the ElderlyLTEG
USALower Nine VFP-MTV04-15LTEG
EcuadorTeaching and Social Care ProjectsLTEG
Great BritainThe BieldLTEG
Northern IrelandGlebe House LTEG
RussiaCultural exchange for the youthLTEG
JapanKanazawa FarmLTEG
USAInterlaken House (Cadmus)LTEG
USAStanton Home LTEG
EcuadorAnimal shelterLTEG
Great BritainTigh a'Chomainn CamphillLTEG
Sri LankaPeace Center-MuturLTEG
ThailandLang Ai Mee communityLTEG
Great BritainCamphill Botton LTEG
Great BritainCamphill School AberdeenLTEG
USADismas Burlington VFP-MTV01-15LTEG
Great BritainCamphill Village Trust, Newton Dee VillageLTEG
ThailandBaan Kok Riang, non chemical agricultureLTEG
IndonesiaBorobudur WHV The 25th year listed in UNESCO WHLLTEG

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